Sunday, November 30, 2014

DesignLoveFest's Dress Your Tech | My Favorites

I'm such a fan of a fresh start, and there's something about a new desktop background that kicks me into gear on Sundays and gets me excited for the work week ahead. DesignLoveFest, one of my favorite blogs, has a series called "Dress Your Tech," highlighting downloadable wallpapers for your computer. They're the best I've seen, and I love that there's always such a variety, yet all of them stay true to her aesthetic (clean, fun & minimalist).

Here are some of my favorites, starting with the one I'm rockin' now.

Happy week, everyone! Xx

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Capitol In Fall

Last weekend, Brandon and I hopped in the car for a quick weekend in DC. We spent Friday night with one of my best friends, Margot, and her fiancĂ©, Zach, and got up early on Saturday for a private tour of NASA, thanks to my friend, Lindsay's dad. NASA was DOPE. We saw parts of the James Webb Space Telescope and a few environmental test chambers for rockets, including a room that simulates deep space (*mind blown*). 
We then headed to a nice brunch, explored the mandatories on The Mall, which were all gorgeous surrounded by the changing leaves (The Washington Monument, The WWII Memorial, Korean War Memorial and the White House), and met up with Margot and Zach for a beer tasting event at The Daughters of the Revolution. There was something about drinking beer, and being surrounded by drunk people, in such a historical place - it was a super cool experience.
It was a quick weekend, but I'm so glad we were able to go (especially after an equally historic weekend in Philly). Here are some photos from the weekend! Hope you enjoy. Xx

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Saturday Adventure in Philly

A few weeks ago, my mom graciously dropped my brother's car off in New York City for me to have until Christmas, and since she's dropped it off, we haven't used it at all. We've loosely planned a few things (apple piking, hiking), but our weekends end up getting booked up (in the best way possible).

This past weekend, though - we planned. We woke up early on Saturday and drove the car two hours to Philly! It was actually really lovely getting out of bed and carpe-ing the diem five hours before I usually do on a weekend. When we arrived in Philly, we went straight to Ben Franklin's grave then took an early detour to Reading Terminal Market for an early lunch. Brandon got the traditional cheesesteak - with Cheez Wiz - and I embarrassingly purchased the vegetarian cheesesteak. Even the guy behind the grill thought I was crazy. We then went off to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall (both super cool). We made a pit stop for a martini at The Continental, did a little vintage shopping and capped the day off with some Italian food before getting in the car to go back to New York.

It was such a beautiful fall day in Philly - we loved it.

What's next? DC on Friday! Another weekend, another adventure.