Sunday, February 8, 2015

Coffee Time! New Chemex and Craft Brews

I've been really into coffee lately. Like, really into it. Maybe it's the bitter cold we've been having recently in New York, but a nice, hot cup of coffee has really been gettin' me going these past few months.

For Christmas, Brandon and I received a new 6-cup Chemex coffee maker and a three-month subscription to Craft Coffee, a service that delivers hand-roasted coffees right to your door. Basically the best gift ever.

We used a Keurig coffee maker in college, and eventually moved on to a French press when we moved to New York, which I really do enjoy. French presses are so freakin' easy to use, and while you need a few more accessories to make it a seamless process (electric kettle, coffee grinder), it yields such better coffee. Now, with our Chemex, I feel like we've officially graduated. The design of the coffeemaker is undeniably beautiful, the filters reduce the bitterness that usually make its way into the brew, and the wood collar serves as an intuitive handle. Needless to say, I'm really loving it so far. I haven't used it enough to officially state if it's my favorite coffeemaker, so I'll report back after a few more months.

I love a good subscription service, and after receiving this one for Christmas, I realized how great a gift they are, too. They're personal and thoughtful, yet they also allow for the person receiving it to customize the gift based on what they want.

With Craft Coffee, you tailor your profile based on your likes so they can more accurately curate a list of coffees for you to try. Then, after answering a few survey questions, they choose the coffees for you and in a few weeks, your first batch is at your front door. We received some pretty epic flavors, so we've been very happy this past month. If you'd be interested in trying, you can use our code for 15% off: BRANDON1281.

Happy brewin'!

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