Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hey There, '14

I've always loved fresh starts, and New Year's Day is a favorite of mine. 2013 was incredible - probably one of my favorites yet. I moved to a new job that challenges and excites me every single day, Brandon and I moved to a wonderful apartment in Chelsea, and my relationships with him, my friends and family have strengthened and continued to grow. I'm so insanely lucky. It was a great year, and I'm looking forward to what 2014 will bring.

To kick it off, I wanted to set a few resolutions. here are a few of my simple goals:
  • Practice the act of gratitude 
  • Wake up early and take time for myself 
  • Eat something green every day
  • Plan a trip (on my list of places: New Orleans, Thailand)
  • Workout at least 3x a week
  • Read a book a month
There they are. Now, all I have to do is focus on them. Here's to an abundant & adventurous '14!

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