Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mexican Night

I really love Sundays, and this rainy, wintry day in New York City called for some cozy food indoors. Instead of opting for takeout, Brandon and I decided on Mexican (duh). After a morning of running errands, we came back to our apartment, flicked on the football games & started to cook! This dinner was just what we needed - it's healthy, vegetarian & actually fairly light (which was needed after a heavy pasta dinner last night).

Here's what was on the menu. Read on for the full recipes:

1. Mexican cucumbers 
[baby cucumbers, lime juice & chili powder]

- cut the cucumbers into small pieces & put them into a bowl
- drizzle the juice of 1/2 a lime over the cucumbers (you can easily put more lime juice into this recipe, but Brandon isn't a huge fan, so I kept this part minimal)
- finish with two tablespoons of chili powder - mix it into the bowl with the cucumbers and lime juice & stir
- plate the cucumbers onto a plate & you're done!

2. Bean salad 
[one can of kidney beans, two cans of chick peas, green beans, celery, red onion, apple cider vinegar, oil, salt, pepper & sugar]

- after rinsing the beans, put all three cans into a bowl
- chop up the green beans, celery & red onion as you wish - I used two stalks of celery, a handful of green beans and 1/3 of a large, red onion
- mix the beans & the veggies
- add in 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup of oil & sugar and finish with salt & pepper
- refrigerate for at least and hour, then serve

3. Vegetable fajitas
[red pepper, red onion, one can of black beans, monterey jack cheese & tortillas...don't forget the glass of white wine on the side ;)]

- sauté the red onion and red pepper in a pan with olive oil for 10 minutes, until golden brown
- rinse the black beans and put them into a pot on the stove to heat up for about 10 minutes
- warm up your tortillas in the microwave
- serve the tortillas with the sautéed vegetables, cooked black beans & shredded monterey jack on top. garnish with sour cream, hot sauce & scallions and you got yourself a dope fajita.

let me know if you try any of these - i'd love to know! also, comment with your favorite mexican recipe. we're always down to try new mexican dishes!

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